Lunch as Friends (public meeting, one hour, only offered in LA/OC) $500

1 Hour | Inquire, regular clients only

1.5 hours | 1500 Preferred Minimum

2 hours | 2000 secret escape

3 hours | 3000 Cocktails & Cheers

4 hours | 3500 Dinner (My Favorite)

5 hours | 4000 dinner and dessert

6 hours | 4500 A time to remember

12 Hours | 7,000 Overnight Adventure

24 Hours | 10,000 A Day of Fun!

2 Days I 13,000 Just a little longer…

One Week I 22,000 Paradise


For TRIPS there are discounts based on location, activities for each subsequent day you will be receiving a substantial discount. You will not be paying the overnight adventure fee every night.

FLY ME TO YOU or TRAVEL WITH ME- Please email to inquire about rates.

*All dates 3 hours or longer must include public social time . More then a hour drive from Beverly Hills add $100*


Looking for something even more extravagant? Here are some other services that can be added to your hourly adventure.

The Glam Package $200

I always arrive with makeup and hair done but if you want me to arrive looking Photo shoot ready please add $200 extra to your donation. This will cover professional hair and makeup services. Outfit suggestions are encouraged.

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 2.02.37 PM.png

It’s a cliché, but one I often find true: you can’t hurry love. Conversation is an art, as is getting to know someone, and building an intimate and possibly lasting connection. Let me get to know you, or draw out my intellectual side by asking me about my favorite topics: philosophy, psychology, where I've been hiking, what I've been watching and reading, and the news. The world is a fascinating place! And second best to travel is reminiscing about the places you've been. I have been blessed enough to travel all through childhood which has opened my mind in many ways. A good, intimate conversation really is the best opening to get to know someone. 

For this reason I recommend booking a 2 hour minimum.

Please check below for additional services that can be added to your experience



Breakfast in Bed?

Let me make you breakfast in the morning. We can wind up or wind down. Mimosas or Coffee? You Choose!

Emotional Support Electronic Communication Starting at $500/weekly

Let's stay in constant contact via phone! This interaction can be tailored specifically to your individual needs. Do you want an anonymous friend to vent to? Do you have a specific goal and need someone to keep you accountable? Have a busy schedule but want to stay connected? With this package we are in constant contact. We will have phone calls to discuss our lives and current happenings & text message throughout the day. I will always be there for you when you need me! This can be tailored to your specific needs. Drop me a line and let’s figure it out.

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 1.33.52 PM.png

Full Event Planning

In addition to companionship I offer full party planning services. With a slightly perfectionist nature, rest assured I pay close attention to detail, with no compromise on quality. This can include bringing goodies to your own private exclusive party, coordinating guest, obtaining reservations or exclusive concert tickets for a full VIP experience. Inquire via email.

Assistant For The Day

Need a pretty blonde assistant to help you out at a business meeting, take notes for you or perhaps just “wow” your colleagues and/or competitors? With a corporate career background I can fit into any scenario and won’t fail to impress your competition.


Occasionally I meet a gentleman looking for a long term arrangement but due to a high demand career he does not have time to find his ideal woman the traditional way. I offer matchmaking services to help you meet the woman of your dreams. It’s very simple. You describe your perfect women. I hold interviews as your “assistant” and we find an exclusive arrangement that works for both of you.